Authentic & compelling business stories get results

How do you tell your business’s stories in engaging and authentic ways to connect with your audience?

On your web site, in an article, or in social media, a clear message about your business makes all your marketing more effective. I translate the essence of who you are and what you into marketing content that inspires results.

Self-published stories – web sites

Involvement in these projects spans copywriting/editing to concept development, content development, page layout and project management.

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Self-promotional stories – workshop flyers

Wrote copy and did page layout for a leadership coach and consultant who uses her horses in her trainings. See the flyer Leading from Your Core and The Language of Connection.

Published stories – PR

National and regional publicity for architects designing the first LEED inpatient hospital in Washington State. One result was this story in Healthcare Design, a national journal.

Told the story of a well-executed ownership transition within a landscape architecture firm, and placed it for publication.

Developed and wrote these stories with the authors.

Icon for DJC story: Engineering a hospital to save livesEngineering a hospital to save lives

Over the past 30 years, Harborview Medical Center has replaced or upgraded all of its electrical systems and added the latest technology without interrupting patient care. Read the electrical engineer’s story.

Icon for DJC story: Low impact development gets a test in RentonLow impact design gets a test in Renton

One of the first-ever Built Green communities to use low-impact development opened its doors. Shamrock Heights in Renton Highlands was designed to go beyond eco-friendly housing to encompass an entire community. more

Walmart can teach hospitals about improving patient care

Portable technology opens the door to home health monitoring that can reduce patient visits and costs, and adapts well to those living with chronic diseases. more

Client research makes for relevant content

There is no better way to find out what your client is concerned about than to ask. I’ve conducted more than 15 surveys on behalf of my clients to ask how those clients are doing. The results are summarized in a report including transcripts of the interviews. For obvious reasons, these remain confidential.


Since 2000 I’ve worked with more than 100 businesses ranging from multi-national corporations and 300+ person professional service companies to one and two person firms. My clients have grown and achieved recognition through the consistent telling and promotion of their business stories. I can do the same for yours.


“Can I just tell you how awesome you are?  I love this writing and how you transformed my dialog into professional expression.”
Donna Jean Brown, Architect