Your 10 minute marketing plan

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Recently a friend mentioned that she relied only on word-of-mouth to promote her business, and maybe she needed to try something more. I offered to give her some ideas. After I finished writing, I thought this might be useful for other people, too.

This is kind of a paper napkin marketing plan—that cliche of business. It’s the basics, quick and dirty. There is lots of information available, and you can ask me, too.

I view marketing as common sense, but from the point of view of the people you are trying to attract. When we get outside our own assumptions, jargon, embarrassment about talking about what we love to do, or however we cut ourselves off from communicating with potential clients or people who might know potential clients, there is lots of room to experiment and explore appealing ways to reach out to and attract people to learn about what we do. Read more

7 reasons to survey your clients

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from the horse's mouth

How recently have you asked your clients, “How are we doing?”

Every business needs clients or customers to survive, thrive, and continue into the years ahead. We usually know some of the reasons why people hire us, but we often don’t learn why they stop working with us, how we could provide better service, or become indispensable to them. And who wouldn’t love to know these things?

I’ve been in numerous meetings where people talk about why this client loves them or that client doesn’t love them. It always strikes me that we don’t really know unless we ask. Directly. And in the Seattle area where many of us tend towards ‘conflict averse,’ we often don’t hear about issues until things are already going downhill, or worse. Read more

The metaphysics of marketing

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This principle is how marketing works. I’ve observed it over and over again, but never more starkly than in the following story.

My client, a small engineering firm, wanted to do more work with architecture firms, and we had just developed and printed a new brochure designed to appeal to architects. (This was before the predominance of electronic media.)

After the brochures had been mailed, the principal and his two project managers decided to cold call a number of the architects they had mailed to. We wrote call scripts and role played making phone calls. They plugged away at their call lists, but the results were not exactly encouraging.

Then an interesting thing happened. Read more

Why a purpose trumps a plan

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Seth Godin says so much with few words:

There is nothing wrong with having a plan

Plans are great.

But missions are better. Missions survive when plans fail, and plans almost always fail.

What does it mean to have a mission? A vision? A purpose?

It’s the internal engine that keeps you moving forward, navigating the rapids of real life that upset ‘the best laid plans.’ Read more

Every business tells a story – what’s yours?

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They say, “Every picture tells a story.” So does every business. But is it a story you tell on purpose to attract your ideal clients?

Great experience, qualifications, prestigious awards—these open conversations, gain attention, and establish credibility, but alone they rarely win a new client.

The changing economy requires all of us to get smarter about our marketing and sales, and to use all the tools in our marketing toolbox. Read more