Small group coaching = Marketing Salon

You work hard on your business. Does it feed you in return? Have you established the regular, ongoing marketing activities necessary to grow and thrive? Is it time for a tune up? 30 minutes of marketing coaching can make a big difference.

In small group coaching programs called Marketing Salons, participants get face-to-face, expert marketing coaching to help them move forward in a supportive atmosphere. Some have a focus like creating a marketing plan, some organize around type of business, some meet several times, some meet just once. Marketing Salons are an elegant and affordable way to access outside support.

Want better results from your marketing? Try a single session Marketing Salon

I’m looking for a few business owners who want to make their marketing more authentic, strategic, and effective. Marketing Salons generate great ideas, provide support, and create forward momentum to reach goals.

How they work: 4 people each get 30 minutes of coaching focused on their marketing, then 5 of minutes comments from the group. This is a great way to clarify next steps, explore your marketing message, or just get unstuck. Bonus: everyone learns from listening to each other AND from offering useful suggestions to each other. Plus it’s fun!

The space is limited to 4 people per session, so register early. Cost $100 for the 2.5 hour session. Email barbara(at) or call 425-775-2715.

May 19th – Tuesday 10 AM to 12:30 PM – Lake Forest Park

June 3rd – Wednesday 10 AM to 12:30 PM – Lake Forest Park

See comments from satisfied participants below the photos.

Marketing coaching is a hybrid of consulting (marketing strategy, expertise, suggestions) and coaching (encouragement, sounding board, reinforcement). Both include good questions, observations from an outside perspective, and access to my brain full of ideas, with a ready dose of humor.

2 horses grooming each other2 horses grooming each other

 What participants are saying about marketing coaching

My marketing strategy has always been “stay off the phone and wait for someone to call who wants my services”.  This has worked for years to a degree, but when I was ready to move to the next step and increase my volume of clients, I wasn’t sure of the best place to begin putting out energy to make myself more visible. I needed to bounce my ideas off someone with lots of experience in marketing in order to use my time and resources well.  It was very affordable to join Barbara’s marketing salon, and  that helped me commit to the series of sessions.

Brainstorming with other business owners in an intimate setting and hearing about their challenges and successes gave me more confidence in choosing my own directions.  Being part of the Marketing Salon has been an invaluable experience, and helped me broaden my understanding in the area of marketing.

Barbara helped me streamline, refine, and improve ideas I already had, and she introduced me to new ideas I had not thought of.  The presence of the other business owners in my group added to the experience exponentially, and having accountability partners was invaluable.

I highly recommend Barbara and her marketing salons, they have been a wonderful experience.  She has a creative and imaginative mind and focuses right in on your goals, adding value all the way.  Her encouragement and wisdom has helped me to move forward at a steady pace.

Alexandra Immel, Alexandra Immel Residential Design

As a member of Barbara’s Marketing Salon, I have received tremendously valuable support around my marketing efforts. Sharing my experiences, challenges and opportunities with a group of peers has been especially beneficial because we all come from different industries and have unique perspectives. I’ve brainstormed solutions to marketing issues with my fellow “Salon-ites”, while receiving Barbara’s focused and compassionate coaching on MY marketing issues and concerns. In addition, Barbara provides materials, resources, and support in between our meetings to support us on our journey. I’ve truly changed my relationship to marketing my business by attending these Marketing Salons.

Victoria Dzenis, Serene Coaching

“Why a marketing salon? If you want to be supported in your struggles (fears, misconceptions…) about marketing.
If you want to explore new options and possibilities, the feedback you’ll get from Barbara and the other participants is invaluable.
If you need to be held accountable to really do something you should have done weeks or months ago.
So much of our marketing strategies are dictated by who we are, that you will most certainly also discover a little more of who you are.”

Mélanie Holt, Inner Gravity Rolfing