Coaching gets you there faster

Having a viable business requires ongoing, proactive marketing. When we get busy doing the work of our business — that thing we love and do so well — our marketing can take a back seat. Sometimes we forget that business has cycles, and our ongoing marketing now will support us later.

Having a guide to brainstorm with us, help us prioritize, encourage us, or hold us accountable can be pivotal to reaching goals. Sometimes it takes another person to expand our perspective and find elegant ways around the road blocks. Or point out that the winding road is actually going where we want to be.

My clients tell me over and over that I have been instrumental in helping them to find clarity. Clarity about how to proceed, about their core message, their unique position, and what to do next. It delights me to facilitate their progress.

Experience coaching

Coaching is a highly individual experience designed around you. My approach is a hybrid of consulting and coaching, meaning there is marketing advice and training in the mix.

I offer custom coaching programs developed for your specific needs and goals, along with coaching packages for creating a marketing action plan, developing a marketing message, or getting unstuck. Individual or small group coaching in a marketing salon or workshop is a great way to jumpstart your business – plus they are fun! Learn how Marketing Salons work and see upcoming dates.

Contact Barbara to discuss a marketing coaching program to help you reach your goals faster.

two horses neck and neck at the finish line of a race     two horses neck and neck at the finish line of a race


“I’ve deeply appreciated working with Barbara because she combines solid professional competence with a keen sensitivity to the client and an ability to adapt how she works to best meet my needs. Her processes and tools for client engagement are thorough and easily understood and yet never run the show. Barbara tunes in to her client and finds the essence of what I’m seeking, articulates it better than I can, and then helps me use what she’s discovered in ways that best serve me and my business.”

Peggy Gilmer, Executive Coach, Horse as Coach

“It worked! Barbara’s guidance and clarity helped me rework my price menu and message. Within 48 hours, I saw a new client at the new rate. Barbara and her process has made a big difference in my business by increasing my profits and bringing cohesion to my entire operation. The ‘core message’ work with Barbara is essential for these results.”

Kathleen Whalen, M.S., A.O.M., The Soma Institute