Blue Horse Marketing

Founded in 2000, Blue Horse Marketing has it roots in marketing professional services within the design and construction industry — where content marketing and relationship marketing have always been the most effective way to market. My experience has helped clients with retail and product-based businesses as well. I assemble teams as needed for projects from my network of creatives — graphic designers, web designers, web developers, copywriters, photographers, and videographers.

Barbara Breckenfeld

As founder of Blue Horse Marketing, I am a 20-year veteran of content-based and relationship marketing. As a technical communication specialist, I am passionate about clear communication, and strive to develop authentic, engaging marketing that tells the business story and connects with the audience. Besides websites, blogs, and social media, I’ve produced content for email newsletters, and direct mail campaigns. Because every profession needs its jargon translated, I’ve written and edited white papers, technical articles, technical award submittals, and technical proposals. As a workshop leader and marketing coach, I emphasize practical tools and personal insights that participants can use to move forward in their businesses.

My introduction to marketing came when I took a portfolio of textile designs to New York. Everyone who looked at them asked the same question, “What market are these for?” I didn’t know the answer, but as I worked in the garment business, I learned that a great design didn’t sell if it wasn’t what the client was looking for. The insight that effective marketing connects with clients’ concerns continues to be a touchstone in my work.

dappled gray horse in dappled shadeBlue looking over his stall doorBarbara smiling in profile in her red jacketBlue grazing in the sun

Who is Blue Horse?

People often ask me about my company name, so I wrote the story.

One summer on a whim, I took a riding class. That first night, I was given a lovely dapple-gray gelding as my mount. We made a good pair, and found ourselves together again the next week. As we trotted around the ring, he began to canter (not my idea). My reins were loose and I couldn’t stop him. He stumbled a bit, and off I went into the dirt. I ended up with nothing worse than a stiff neck, but I was afraid to ride him again. Read the whole story.