Hello & Welcome to Blue Horse Marketing!

I’m glad you’re here. You’re thinking about marketing . . . I have a few questions.

  • Does your business stand out from the herd?
  • Does your marketing connect you with your prospective clients and customers?
  • Does it tell your clients why you are different and unique — in ways that appeal to them?
  • Do your marketing materials talk about you — or the ways you can solve your clients problems?

Is this you?

You love what you do, but you don’t love marketing. Or, you know you need ongoing, proactive marketing to have a healthy business, but you need coaching to make marketing work for you and get your marketing on track.

This is me

I am Barbara Breckenfeld, owner of Blue Horse Marketing. Since 2000 I have developed engaging, targeted marketing content for more than 100 businesses ranging from multi-national corporations and 300+ person professional service companies to one and two person firms. My clients have grown and achieved recognition through the consistent telling and promotion of their business stories.

Great content helps small businesses act big and grow bigger with smart marketing practices. If you’re an entrepreneur or solo business owner wanting to grow your businesses with proactive and sustainable marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

Want more horsepower in your marketing?

I’m a writer and editor with a background in design. As a marketing communications expert, I develop business stories using everyday language that align with your corporate messaging and speak to your intended audience. Blue Horse Marketing works with select clients on:

Website design & content development, including project management for creating websites;

Social media strategy and implementation, including blogging and other content development;

Marketing coaching to help clients set priorities, offer sound marketing advice scaled for a small or solo business, and provide accountability during implementation;

Client surveys, aka market research, conduct brief phone interviews to ask clients’ clients questions about their working relationship, and write up the summary.

How it works

As a marketing consultant, I do the project. You access my creativity, expertise, and ways of solving problems. See work samples.

As a marketing coach, I help you focus your marketing with guidance, information, and accountability to help you get it done. Learn about marketing coaching.

Each client and project is unique. An engagement typically begins with a conversation about your goals and desired outcomes, an assessment of your current marketing, and recommendations about how to proceed. In the process of developing a quote, we’ll establish the scope and timing of the effort. Each project is developed to fit your business just right.

With a passion for helping businesses to succeed, I help clients plot strategies and tell stories that win the trust and business of their ideal clients. By helping my clients tell their stories in compelling ways, they truly stand out from the herd.

Let’s talk about how you can become more effective with your marketing.

Grand Prix jumper at the peak of a jump with everything else in the background blurry     Grand Prix jumper at the peak of a jump with everything else in the background blurry

from the horse's mouth

Your 10 minute marketing plan

February 2, 2016

view from horseback of a dusty trail following other riders

Recently a friend mentioned that she relied only on word-of-mouth to promote her business, and maybe she needed to try something more. I offered to give her some ideas. After I finished writing, I thought this might be useful for other people, too.

This is kind of a paper napkin marketing plan—that cliche of business. It’s the basics, quick and dirty. There is lots of information available, and you can ask me, too.

I view marketing as common sense, but from the point of view of the people you are trying to attract. When we get outside our own assumptions, jargon, embarrassment about talking about what we love to do, or however we cut ourselves off from communicating with potential clients or people who might know potential clients, there is lots of room to experiment and explore appealing ways to reach out to and attract people to learn about what we do. read more »